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Honeycomb for Displays
“Merchandising is critically important to many businesses and a large industry.  Not only do quality displays help sell product, but they can do so in a environmentally friendly way – by using paper honeycomb core.  A thin display can save money.  Quality needs to be high, which means that a flat surface is paramount.  Axxor can deliver both, with a current minimum height/thickness  of 0.24” (6mm) and tolerances of less than 2/1000” (0.2mm).

Our customers are producers of paper honeycomb based panels, who may in turn either print the panels themselves or sell the panels to a printer.”

“We offer this industry:

o Low heights

o Smooth core

o A wide range of heights, cell sizes and widths”


“If you are an end user, searching for a company that can provide complete displays, we will be happy to provide you with the names of some excellent display producers in North America that use our core”.