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What is FSC?

05-2010 Sustainable paper honeycomb by Axxor

with pride we can announce that recently Axxor and both the Axxion Industries production locations Zwolle, the Netherlands and Zbaszynek, Poland obtained the FSC® certification.

How does Axxor relate to FSC? Paper is a product made of woodfibers. Therefore we need to be responsibile stewards and only process FSC-certified paper. Under FSC certification, forests are certified according to a set of strict environmental and social standards. Fibres from certified forests are tracked all the way to the consumer through the chain of custody certification system. This means forests, pulp providers, mills, merchants and printers must all obtain FSC certification in order for a product to carry the FSC logo or label.

Axxor recognizes the importance of sustainable and durable production. Read more about the ISO9001 & certificates...

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Quality assurance  
Axxion Industries ISO certified
Control over your production process is essential. Axxion Industries follows the international ISO9001:2008 standard. Read more about ISO 9001:2008