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Lightweight Construction Association

New markets are created through substitution and combination.

Thinking out of the box can lead to revolutionary solutions by combining new and unexpected functions.
"Flying to the moon' was only possible by stepping out of existing frames.
Step out of your own frame of thinking.

Combining existing functions of materials in a smart way can create new products and open up new markets.
Each market has its own dynamics.

It is our objective to understand your marketPaper Honeycomb.jpg 
and step out of the box together with you.
We commit ourselves to these innovation processes which are not always easy.

For existing markets we offer our expertise and can help you as a troubleshooter.

Contact us!

Wieger Wiegersma

Often our potential customers do not know yet that they can use honeycomb to solve their problem or to create new market opportunities.
Key is to understand the unique characteristics of the honeycomb structure.