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Lightweight auto parts with honeycomb core

Paper Honeycomb is recognized as a key product for automotive parts.

Developing car parts is a confidential process and accordingly, Axxor can not divulge details.
General aspects of success are:

  • very small cell sizes and very low core heights;
  • specific adaptation to different production processes, for example the LFI system;
  • engineering capability for application systems;
  • commitment to long and demanding research and development processes;
  • meeting the quality requirements and standards. 

While this is a demanding and technically challenging industry, it is a great fit with our company and what we strive for: to be successful through technical innovation. It shows in our successes in this area the past several years.

Member of AutomotiveNL  
Member of AutomotiveNL


Axxor is a proud member of AutomotiveNL, which is an initiative to help the Dutch industry to achieve their goals in being a great contribution to solving social issues pertaining to sustainability and mobility.