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Quality assurance

Quality of production proces Axxion Industries assured by the ISO9001:2015 standard. We proudly present our Axxor ISO9001 certificaat .

Axxion High Quality Paper Honeycomb

The width of our Axxor Core honeycomb is constant because we produce real-endless.  The Axxion-SSC production process ensures the tight tolerances. In addition we use unique raw materials. The raw materials are specific engineered for production of honeycomb. This combination results in strong bonding and flat honeycomb, both requirements for reaching a strong and flat sandwich surface.

Finally, our protective packaging secures handling and limits transport damage.

Making ISO a succes  

"With the guide lines of the ISO9001:2008 standard we set up a dynamic system and it resulted in better performing teams. The strength of our teams, is on purpose, not being described in folders full of procedures and work instructions!"