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Axxor Core

Axxor XXL-core, Endless Paper Honeycomb Core

A wide range of standard widths is available. Unique it is....when it contributes to the overall productivity in the production chain, from our honeycomb to your end product.

Breakthrough in the furniture industry; lightweight panelsEurolight with Paper Honeycomb.jpg

Axxor XXL-core of 2600mm / 2800mm is essential in the breakthrough of 'one flow large board production'. Axxor XXL-core's extraordinary width is the key in the 200-210 cm wide panel production. Axxor XXL-core, in combination with our tolerances, size ability and bonding features, is the first product in the world that precisely fills this demand.


Egger Group

The EUROLIGHT® lightweight building board is a brand new wood based panel that opens up a new dimension for furniture construction and interior fittings.
The Axxion honeycomb is an essential component of our board.

Manfred Riepertinger
Head of Product Management
Chipboard / MDF boards / EUROLIGHT®