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Raw material shortages a fiction?

The world wants the same functions with less material.
Environmental pressures will continue to increase.
Recycling is and will become a more and more important issue.

Paper honeycomb

Paper honeycomb has the unique characteristics of being light and strong.
This in itself will not be enough. Only when new products with honeycomb can be produced efficiently market breakthroughs can be realized.

This is why our product technology team operates at the crossing point of 'product breakthrough' and 'production processes.'

Klingele Papierwerke  
Papierfabrik Weener

"To be able to deliver such an innovative team with high technical standards with our paper, fills us with pride. Through the long partnership with Axxor we always have the opportunity to cooperate into a variety of very interesting directions to think and work. Axxor development in the honeycomb paper industry is impressive. "

Sales manager
Micha Meyer