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Axxor Core

Unique Axxion-SSC system

Axxion-SSC stands for 'Axxion-Single Step Core' production.
This concept has been developed to an extra-ordinary efficient level of production.
The Axxor Core honeycomb is made in one step, in-line, at high speed, with multiple rolls, with tight tolerances, unique cutting and up to large widths.

Old technique: Block manufacturing

This in contrast to block manufacturing, which is the oldest and most common production process in the industry.
It is a three step production process and takes a throughput time of up to several days. The honeycomb is cut with a guillotine knife resulting in a closed paper top structure and height tolerances up to +/- 0,4 mm. 
This approach is not suitable for the production of wide core in a controlled manner.
The glueing of the blocks, in order to create endless core, disrupts the uniform flow of exactly the same cell structure.

Old technique: Continuous Honeycomb System (CHS)

From the mid 70's the Continuous Honeycomb System (CHS) was a breakthrough for making Honeycomb in one step. However, cutting is not very controlled in these older machines, resulting in considerable tolerance fluctuations and in limitations on width and output. On all these important product specification the Axxion-SSC production is a significant technological advance.

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Unique system  

Our unique system is developed for the next generation of honeycomb.
We set the standard.
It is our core competence.
Therefore our technology is limited available.

Wieger Wiegersma
Managing Director