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Costs factors

Axxor Core tolerances... the hidden secret

Very low tolerances are the key to minimizing your waste in your sandwich production. The Axxor Core paper honeycomb is produced with a tight tolerance. This high quality of honeycomb core is reached through the unique SSC production process.

Paper Honeycomb .jpg

..oversized core destroys your compression strength



Paper Honeycomb.jpg

..undersized core gives poor or no bonding.  



Paper Honeycomb.jpg

..tight tolerance ensures compression strength and connection, minimizing your waste,
especially in your finishing department.


Theuma SA  
Door Producer Belgium

Correct dimension are essential for an efficient production. If a supplier knows our processes and influencing parameters, together we can react to the ever-changing conditions.         Axxor is a supplier that can follow our technical demands with such knowledge.

Eric Somers
Quality Manager